A Place for Families 

Sunday Morning


Infants and Toddlers

(3 months to 2 years)

Professional Babysitter with Parent Helpers every Sunday from 10-11:30 a.m.



(3-5 years)

Through play, bible stories, art, music, and prayer to activate faith. Children start in classroom at 10:15 a.m.


Desciple Road

(K-5th Grade)

Biblical based rotation model with storytelling, art, music, games, and cooking. Children leave Sanctuary with teachers after 10:15 a.m.  Service Children's Message.


Middle Road

(6th-8th Grade)

Children meet at 10:15 for faith formation through community service project activities, also opportunitis to attend different houses of worship.


Children's Chior

(K- 3rd Grade)

Rehearsal Sundays, September - June, Thursdays 4:30 p.m. in the Chapel. More...


First Sunday Communion

All Children are welcome to start in their classes at 10:15 a.m. and come into the Sanctuary to take communion with their families.


 Youth Activities 

High Road Sunday Nights (Youth Group)

(9th-12th Grade)

Meetings at 6:00-7:30 p.m. in Rhodes Hall for fellowship and fun. 


High School Service Trip

(9th Grade and UP!)

The First Church Youth Group (and friends!) will continue to build their relationshop with the Lakota people of the Cheyenne River Tribe Reservation through the Simply Smiles Organization


Middle Road

(6th-8th Grade)

Children meet at 10:15 for faith formation through community service project activities, also opportunitis to attend different houses of worship.


Middle School Service Trip

(6th-8th Grade)


The Loft

A Safe space and loving community for LGBTQIA+ teens and friends. Fridays at 4:00 p.m. on ZOOM. Please contact the Rev. Vanessa Rose for more information.



(9th Grade)

Youth explore their faith as they disceern their next step in serving in disciplship as members of First Church.



Events for Families:


September Kick Off Picnic

We get together to celebrate the beginning of a church School year, and  welcome new and returning families to our worship services.

Bible Sunday

 Third graders receive their bibles and participate in a bible workshop with one of our pastors.

Advent Family Workshop

We gather for a potluck meal and to decorate our Reverse Advent Box.

Christmas Pageant

The children in Disciple Road hosts christmas eve worship service and retell the story of Christ’s birth.

Mardi Gras Pancake Dinner & Lenten Giving Boxes

Annual Family Celebration to begin Lent through creating Lenten Giving Boxes and Fundraise for coming Youth Service Trips.

Easter Egg Hunt

Annual Easter Egg Hunt between the  9am and 11am worship services for children ages 10 and under.

Celebration Sunday

A gathering to celebrate the end of the church school year.

Vacation Bible School

A week long summer program where children experience God through crafts, play, music and more.

Youth Events:

Service Project Sundays

One Sunday out of the month our youth gather to craft, bake, or volunteer for a local nonprofits First Church proudly supports.

Trick or Treat for

Operation Hope

Reverse Trick or Treating where families sign up to have can goods collected for Operation Hope that the youth groups retrieve in custome.

Car Wash Fundraiser

An annual Service Trip fundraiser that takes place during Celebration Sunday which invites all youth both attending and supporting the trip to listen to some tunes and wash some cars.

Deacon's Fund Pasta Dinner

A fundraiser for the church Deacon's Fund supported by the Youth Group of the church so it can continue to help those stuggling in our community. 

Community Sing-Along Hosted by the Youth Group

An event to unite people regardless of background or age into community through song.

Joining the Generations

A Middle Road program in which younger and elder congregation members are paired together to learn from one another about the faith community they share.

Green Eggs &

Ham Breakfast

A celebration of St. Patrick's Day and the Birthday of Dr. Sesus through green colored food and the share of classic children's books.

Trip to Youth Revival

Youth are invited to travel to the CTUCC Youth Revival along with First Church's Pastors to learn about their faith community with others their age.

Safe Church Policy:

First Church is committed to creating a safe and nurturing environment in which young people can learn about and experience God’s love.  It is the policy of First Church to conduct background and reference checks on all employees and volunteers involved with our youth.  To train new employees and volunteers on the policies and procedures of  Safe Church and to have a yearly review with all returning employees and volunteers. Background checks will be conducted on existing employees and volunteers every three years. For more information on Safe Church Policies please contact our Safe Church Coordinator, Rev. Vern Swett.